Endless Posibilities

Endless Posibilities


You have access to infrastructure from Google, Amazon and other huge companies basically for free.

Go and hack! Need remote server in different countries? Your budget is “teenagy” limited? 5$ per month, billed per hour from DigitalOcean.

You don’t want to play with bare-metal configuration? Try Heroku, for free.

Arghh, but you need live data events? Duh, there is Pusher.com, free…

When I was implementing my first MMORPG game, my multiplayer capabilities was PHP server with MySQL which could handle 3 players. Then we got memcache there (somehow) and it bumped to 10. I was 16 at the time, let me present EpicKnight.

Easy access

It was never easier to get to use servers and components used by biggest players. Today, to bootstrap a startup you basically glue together other startups.

Need to notify your users with every possible channel?

  • Send text via Twilio
  • Send email with Sendgrid
  • Send push notification to all devices via OneSignal
  • Update app UI live with Pusher
  • Call him via Twilio. Literally call, from your API.

Maybe you need to process some data?

  • Use Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud to do this for you.

You need to look for faces in photos?

Your users do not want to regsiter? Use power of Facebook APIs, Twitter APIs to make your content shareable, likeable and your dashboard loagable. You don’t need custom user accounts if user can sign up via Facebook. They already left their emails there.